EXTRA DIMENSIONS is an Authorised Financial Service Provider, Licence No. 38344

EXTRA DIMENSIONS was formed to assist employers and employees by negotiating and administering employer and employee benefits for the Hospitality Industry and its' services are customised to meet the Hospitality industry's requirements and needs.

EXTRA DIMENSIONS service is tailored for employer, employee benefits and boasts an impeccable track record within the Hospitality Industry. Our methods are ethical, cost effective and backed by technical proficiency and experience. Employers and employees are assured of absolute honesty, integrity and total peace of mind.

EXTRA DIMENSIONS specializing in a professional approach, offers you:

Highly trained and skilled personnel who will be involved in handling your accounts;

Sensitive and ethical mediation between employers and employees index.

  • Assist employers, employees to register and/or claim by providing prompt assistance and feedback;
  • Legal action only taken as a last resort, saving legal cost and protecting employers within the Industry.

For more information please call us on Tel: (011) 675-0825/78 (011) 472-3028 (011) 672-2863

Email: rita@tshepong.co.za or claims@tshepong.co.za